When Should You Renovate Your Pool?

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When looking at your home, you will likely find that interior features like lighting and paint need an update or renovation, and the same can also be said for exterior features like patios and pools. 

Pools are social gathering sites for individuals to enjoy the sun, relax with friends, and bask in the simple pleasure of lazing with a drink in your hands while you dip your toes in. But as with all things, they require routine maintenance and care to retain their good condition. 

This is because, over time, pools will age and become dirty or damaged; if seriously neglected, it can result in structural damage to the pool, bodily harm, and no more fun in the sun. 

Yet, when exactly should you renovate your pool? Well, the answer to this question varies, but you can read on to learn the top three signs Stand Out Pools have shared surrounding when it’s time to renovate your pool.

When Should You Renovate Your Pool? – The Top 3 Warning Signs

There is much debate about when you should renovate your pool, but each pool’s circumstances will vary. However, there are some warning signs you can keep an eye out for that indicate the need for a pool renovation, and these include the following:

Constant or Frequent Pool Repairs

One of the top signs it’s time to renovate your pool is if you frequently have to schedule or undertake DIY pool repairs. If this is the case, then you are already well on your way to needing a renovation. 

Having to fork out money for repairs consistently can lead to costs adding up significantly over time. Therefore, renovating your pool is more cost-effective as it lets you save some money, and your pool will no longer be out of commission.

Issues With Pool Plumbing 

If your pool is older, you may notice filtration or plumbing issues. This is one of the biggest indicators that it’s time for a renovation. Leaks, minor cracks, and blocked pipes are some of the most common problems with pool plumbing and can often lead to more severe issues if left unchecked, like structural damage. 

Fortunately, by contacting a pool renovation company, you can easily have these issues fixed before more unnecessary damage or costly repairs occur.   

The Pool Isn’t Energy Efficient

If you have an older pool, you may find it is sucking a lot of power, and as a result, your energy bills have skyrocketed. If this is the case, it may be time to renovate your pool, which can help it become more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. 

You can also add eco-friendly pool features to enhance its appearance and lower maintenance costs. Thus, you can save money while doing your part for the environment.  

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Now that you know when to renovate your pool, you may have noticed it is time for a renovation. If so, it may be time for you to speak to pool renovation experts like Stand Out Pools.

Our team is your best bet for quality and affordable pool renovation services. Reach out to us today to experience the Stand Out Pools difference. 

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