The Best Pool Cleaning Tips

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Buying or owning a pool can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a homeowner. It’s awesome for kids, refreshing for the Summer, and can be a reminder of just how versatile your property can be. But when it comes to anything good, there always comes a level of maintenance to ensure that it stays good. Pools are no different. And despite the fact that they are filled with water, there can be a misconception that they almost clean themselves. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. Pools require expert care, but with these tips, you should have a leg up for sure.


If you own a pool, you may or may have heard the word ‘alkalinity’ thrown around. It may sound like a fancy term chemical that’s not really necessary to know while doing cannonballs into the pool this summer. But it’s actually a main ingredient in the pool when its health starts to decline. Alkalinity is a mix of things. When you get in the pool and wear sunscreen, some of it rubs off and stays in the water. When you use chlorine, it contributes to the water actually getting dirty over time. Because alkalinity is a mix of dissolved carbonates, hydroxides, and more. There only needs to be 80 to 120 ppm (parts per million). When it gets out of hand, it’s bad.

Why Alkalinity Is Bad

Too much alkalinity can actually be an irritant. It can make the eyes go red and be harmful to the skin. When alkalinity is in the pool it can negate the effects of chlorine even though chlorine is an active ingredient in alkalinity. Not only these things can happen but alkalinity can make the water cloudy, it can also cause calcium buildup that can damage the pool equipment.

How To Reduce Alkalinity

  • Use hydrochloric acid
  • Use dry acid
  • Call the experts

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