Renovating Your Pool in the Wintertime

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Chances are, you used your pool quite a bit during the summertime. Friends, casual swims, pool parties, you made the most out of keeping cool when the Florida sun shined down on you. Now that summer is over, and fall is giving way to winter, it might be time for some long-overdue pool renovations. Like any other business, pool contractors have long periods of downtime when the summer comes to its inevitable conclusion. Taking advantage of this downtime during the fall and winter means getting your pool properly renovated before the summer comes back. 


Have you ever tried to have your air conditioner worked on during the summer months? It’s next to impossible to have a technician come out and visit. This isn’t because of the weather and because scheduling is wall-to-wall. This applies to pools as well. With pool usage down in the fall and winter, it’s the perfect time to complete that long-overdue renovation. 

Less Usage 

Continuing the previous point, there’s less pool usage during the fall and winter. (For obvious reasons.) With your pool not being utilized as a method of beating the heat, it’s the ideal time to get it renovated. 

The Benefits of Staying Indoors 

While summertime is synonymous with several outdoor activities, dropping temperatures means that activities tend to be of the indoor variety. A pool renovation is work that tends to be noisy and generates a considerable amount of dust and debris. Staying inside with the windows closed means there’s less of a chance that particles will end up getting in your home. Closed windows are also great at keeping the noise outside where it belongs. 

Lower Water Prices 

Water usage is a major part of owning a swimming pool. The process of getting a pool drained is a lengthy one and the first step in pool renovation. Because of the increased demand for water during the summer months, rates tend to be higher than the rest of the year. By renovating during the fall and winter, your rates for the water needed to fill up the pool when the renovation is completed will be considerably less. 

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