Reasons Your Pool May Be Turning Green

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Owning a swimming pool can be a fantastic way to keep cool and have fun during the summer. However, if you’ve begun to notice your pool water turning green, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. 

There are many reasons why your pool may be turning green, ranging from chemical imbalances to inadequate maintenance practices. 

In our article, our team at Stand Out Pools has explored the common causes of green pool water. So, let’s delve into the reasons behind green pool water and discover how to restore your pool to its former glory.

Top 7 Reasons Your Pool May Be Turning Green

Maintaining clear and inviting pool water is crucial for an enjoyable swimming experience no matter the time of year but especially during the summer. 

If you’ve noticed your pool water turning green, it’s important to identify the reasons quickly so you can devise a solution with a professional pool cleaning service. Here are the top seven causes that can lead to green pool water:

  • Inadequate Chlorination

Insufficient chlorine levels in your pool can create an environment where algae can thrive, resulting in green water. Regularly testing and maintaining proper chlorine levels is essential to prevent algae growth and keep your pool sparkling blue year-round.

  • Poor Filtration

A properly functioning filtration system removes debris and contaminants from your pool water. A clogged or inefficient filter can hinder the filtration process, providing a breeding ground for algae. Keeping your filter system clean and well-maintained will help maintain clear pool water.

  • Imbalanced pH Levels

Maintaining the correct pH level in your home’s pool is essential, as this is another pool maintenance aspect that will help prevent algae growth. 

If the pH levels are above or below the average, it can hinder the effectiveness of chlorine and allow algae to grow and flourish. Thus regularly testing and adjusting the pH levels will promote healthy and clear pool water, ensuring a swimmingly good time for all.

  • Inadequate Circulation

Have you ever seen unsightly pool clusters of leaves, bugs, and other gross things? If so, a poorly circulated pool could be the problem. 

Insufficient water circulation can create stagnant areas in your pool, which creates a breeding ground for algae growth. To ensure your pool stays well-circulated and crystal clear, you must make sure that your pumps and circulation systems are functioning properly. 

If they are functioning how they should, it will help distribute chemicals and prevent the formation of stagnant water.

  • Excessive Organic Matter

Leaves, grass, and other organic debris can introduce nutrients for algae growth. Regularly skimming the pool surface and removing such debris will reduce the likelihood of algae developing and turning the water green. 

If you hire a professional cleaning service like Stand Out Pools, they will often ensure this process is done to nip green pools in the bud before they become a problem.

  • Sunlight Exposure

Algae thrive in sunlight. If your pool is consistently exposed to direct sunlight, it can encourage algae growth, resulting in green pool water. Using pool covers or planting trees for shade can help reduce sunlight exposure and minimize algae growth.

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance

Neglecting routine pool maintenance can contribute to green water. Regularly testing water chemistry, cleaning filters, skimming debris, and brushing the pool walls will prevent algae growth and maintain clear pool water.

As you can tell, algae is the main culprit for green pools. Dealing with the sight of your pool water turning green can be disheartening and frustrating. However, worry not, as our skilled experts are here to help. At Stand Out Pools, we specialize in bringing green pools back to their original sparkling blue state and keeping blue pools blue. 

Our extensive experience and knowledge in pool restoration and maintenance allow us to identify the cause of pool issues quickly. Regardless of the problems with filtration, chemical imbalances, or poor water circulation, we possess the tools and expertise to tackle them effectively. 

Stand Out Pools Can Get Your Pool Back To Its Original Blue

We will collaborate closely with you to devise a personalized plan and deliver top-notch service to bring back your pool’s crystal-clear clarity. So get ready to bid farewell to green water and welcome a revitalized pool you can confidently enjoy. Contact us today!

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