Professional Power Washing for Your Pool This Spring

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Spring is here, which means it is time to start prepping your pool. As the temperature starts to warm up, you are going to want to take a dip, but you need your pool to be clean. During the fall and winter, dirt, bacteria, germs, and debris have likely collected in your pool. Keep reading to learn about professional power washing for your pool this spring.

Spring is the perfect time to power wash your pool because it’s warm enough to get outside, but not hot enough for you to go for a swim. Use the spring weather to get your pool ready for the summer.

Cleaning a pool isn’t always easy, but prpower washing gets the job done quickly and efficiently. If you have a pool cage in need of some spring cleaning, consider pressure washing, also known as power washing.

This process involves the use of a pressure washer, which is a mechanism that pushes the water out of a hose at a forceful rate. The force of this water, which is mixed with a cleaning solution, can clean even the toughest dirt and debris.

In addition to pressure washing your pool cage, you can also wash your pool deck and patio with this method. Bacteria and germs that have settled during the fall and winter are no match for power washing.

At Stand Out Pool and Patio, we use a power washing technique called soft scrub power. This method removes thick dirt, sand, dirt, residue, and more. The low-pressure rinse we finish off the process with won’t damage your stone tiles, sealant, paint, or concrete. Instead, it will allow your pavers, brick, and concrete to return back to their natural and rich look.

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