Pool Safety Tips for Parents

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Summer is the season of resorts, vacations, and soaking up the sunshine. However, this can also be a time of risk for children, predominantly with cases of drowning. Based on statistics from the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), drownings are the leading cause of death or injury in children aged one to four years.

With so many drownings each year, how can parents keep their kids safe during the summer vacation swim season? Read on to learn the top four pool safety tips for parents our team at Stand Out Pools recommends to help safeguard children and young teens during the summer vacation. 

Top 4 Pool Safety Tips For Parents

Have a look below to learn the top four safety tips for parents regarding pool safety to ensure pool time is fun and safe for the entire family. 

  • Schedule Swim Lessons

The ability to find air and swim to the edge of the pool is an essential skill that can save a child’s life. Scheduling swim lessons can help children adapt to the water, learn and implement safe boundaries, and become confident and safe swimmers. 

  • Designate Someone To Watch The Water

Children and young teenagers are curious about the world and eager to try swimming tricks, so adult supervision around the water is always vital. So, designate a responsible person to watch the water and keep an eye on the children swimming. 

  • Undergo First Aid And CPR Training

Parents and caregivers of all ages should be trained in first aid and have certified CPR training. It is also essential to keep a phone nearby in the event of an emergency when swimming. 

  • Put Up Safety Barriers

Household and community pools should have a 4-foot-tall gate and fence surrounding the pool with functional locks. This keeps children out of areas without adult supervision. At Stand Out Pools, we can help ensure you have fencing around your pool to keep your children safe all year round, regardless of age. 

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If you need a pool revamp or upgrade, you should consider choosing a company like Stand Out Pools that keeps child safety in mind.  As pool renovation experts, we can help you ensure you receive the best pool renovation experience so you and your family can enjoy a safe and fun time in the sun during the summer swim season. Contact us here today!

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