Owning a pool can be a great experience, but every now and then, pool models can get stale and get one thinking about some much-needed renovations. That’s where Stand Out Pools comes into play with not only some ideas, but some much-needed services for all your pool renovation needs



One of the more popular routes of renovation when it comes to pools is replacing the pool deck. For many pool owners, there’s a lot of choices when it comes to this type of renovation. You can install concrete overlay decking, new pavers or standard knockdown texture. There’s a lot of variety to choose from at Stand Out Pools.



When it comes to renovating the pool finish, just like with the pool deck, there are many routes to go down. And it’s always good to get a head start on the pool finish because, over time, they actually wear down with age. How can you tell? Usually, a good sign is when you see cracks or chips in the finish. Sometimes this means that your pool finish is only in need of something cosmetic like an acid wash, but other times it means you may need to resurface. It’s always best to leave the deciphering up to the professionals.



When it comes to renovating, tile makes all the difference. Your pool can go from looking vintage to modern just by the choice of your tile. You can expect to choose a base from our main styles of glass, stone, porcelain, and mosaic. With each preference comes to a unique style, so be ready to get creative!

Who are Stand Out Pools? We’re a certified pool contractor, operators who require our employees to meet strict experience requirements. We ensure that quality standards are always met.

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