Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations In Sarasota County

Owning a pool can be a great experience, but now and then, pool models can get stale and get one thinking about some much-needed renovations. That’s where Stand Out Pools comes into play with not only some ideas but some much-needed services for all your pool renovation needs

Pool Renovations - Resurfacing In Sarasota, Florida

Is It Time For A Pool Remodel?

Resurfacing swimming pools is the process of applying a new stone finish to your in-ground swimming pool. This is a process that typically needs to be done to pools every 15-25 years. Pool renovations need to be done under supervision of Certified Pool Contractor.

For basic pool renovations, the construction process will be completed within 3-5 days. As with anything, the quality is in the preparation. If the pool is prepared properly StoneScapes offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Renovation Paver Install

Concrete Pavers Or Travertine?

The current composition of your pool deck and pool edge can be a large component of what the right material for your deck would be. There are many choices of material that you can use to renovate your pool deck. The choices include from concrete pavers, travertine, marble, and shellstone. You can find your patio options at OldCastle or Stone-Mart.

OldCastle and Stone-Mart both have great showrooms for you to visit.

Tile Installation

Glass Tile Or Standard?

Waterline tile comes in a wide range of sizes and material. The best way to find what you like it to visit LUV-Tile. They are a local distributor of pool tile. Samples are available for you to take home. It is a good idea to see what looks good with your patio area. Whatever the tile, our installers are the best in Sarasota County. Our guys cut and set each tile to perfection.