Pool Renovations in Sarasota

The Summer is coming to a close and on TV all the commercials are either for a coat or back-to-school deals. It can be a dreary time seeing the sunset and fall roll in for an anticipation of the colder months ahead. But you live in Sarasota Florida, so you don’t have to worry about any of that! That’s why there’s never been a better time to start renovating your pool in Florida. The weather may stay warm, but your pool doesn’t have to. Here are some renovating ideas from the pros.


Some pool owners don’t often know where to begin when it comes to renovation because pools in and of themselves are structures that don’t appear to be customizable. But as a company that specializes in remodeling pools year-round, we know that’s the farthest thing from reality. One great place to start is the pool deck. With a pool deck, you can replace the entire thing. You can even repaint the wood or concrete. If that’s not your taste, some owners go as far as installing new pavers.


Another route to take when renovating your pool in Sarasota is putting a focus on the pool finish. The pool finish is often the part of the pool that stands out and shines most because that’s essentially its job—to look nice. A good finish can really change up the entire look of a pool, and with it, you can give a facelift as well. Over time, pool finishes will wear down. From cracks and chips to more cosmetic issues, having it professionally power-washed can make a world of difference.


Lastly, one big renovation you can make is tile and coping. Let’s face it, Sarasota can get hot year-round. Sometimes, just walking on a certain surface can be unpleasant. That’s why when it comes to your pool, changing up the tile can be great. When it comes to tile, we’ll provide you with a plethora of options from our Sarasota branch from concrete or just regular stone. We have thousands of mix and match options because of our vast inventory of sizes and colors. You can expect to choose a base from our main styles of glass, stone, porcelain, and mosaic. With each preference comes a unique style, so be ready to get creative!

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