Pool Maintenance for Beginners

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To begin this conversation on pool maintenance, a rather complex activity that requires that the water in the pool must be clean and rid of imbalanced chemicals, it is best, to begin with the basics.

For starters, a pool has four parts:

  • Pool surface.
  • Water chemistry.
  • Circulation system.
  • Filtration system.

We shall look at each of these components of a pool.

Pool Surface

As one of the words in “pool surface” implies, the pool surface is the exterior part of the pool which is in contact with the pool water. This component of the pool shares a symbiotic relationship with the pool water; keeping it clean helps keep the water in the pool clean and on the flip side, keeping the pool water clean and free from imbalanced chemicals and the accumulation of minerals help the surface stay clean, be rid of rusts and last longer.

Water Chemistry

The pool water in your pool has to be maintained with chemicals. For those chemicals that do not have an imbalance, they must be put into the water in the right proportion; this can be attained by measuring the number of chemicals.

Chemical levels you should measure and keep within the right proportion are:

  • Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm is the recommended level.
  • Sanitizer level: this varies per code and pool variant.
  • pH level: 7.4 – 7.6 is the recommended level.

Pool shocking is also highly recommended especially after the pool has been heavily used by lots of people.

Circulation System

This system helps the flow of pool water (inflow and outflow); it brings in water (clean water) and takes it out (dirty water). The circulation system functions simultaneously with the pool pumps and filtration system.
An important aspect to note about this system is that the more your circulation system functions, the more your pool water stays clean. This is why experts recommend running the pool pumps for half a day or 10 hours.

Filtration System

This system has the responsibility of keeping the pool water clean by removing any impurities away/out of the water through the aid of DE filters, cartridge filters, or sand filters. Remember to clean the pool filters by reversing the pool water through them.

To round off, you have to physically clean your pool as well. You can routinely perform this task with an automatic pool cleaning kit or the following tools: pool brushes for brushing the pool surface, vacuums for cleaning the bottom of the pool, and skimmer nets for taking out debris and the like.

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