Pool Cleaning

Why Choose Stand Out Pools?

Having a pool can be one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. And like other major purchases such as a house or a vehicle, acquiring one is akin to making a serious investment in your quality of life. To recoup a sizable return on this investment, you need to ensure your pool receives the necessary routine service to keep it in pristine shape.

At Stand Out Pools, we can provide the necessary care that will help your pool stand out! best pool company in sarasotaSigning up for our monthly pool cleaning service has helped many people get the most out of their swimming pools. What’s that? You’re curious about what you get with Stand Out Pools? Well, sit back as we break down the advantages of our weekly service.

Weekly Pool Care

Based on 10,000 Gallon Caged Pool
$ 135 Monthly
  • Tile Scrub
  • Brush Down Pool
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Net Surface
  • Empty Basket
  • Test and Adjust Chemicals

Green To Clean

$ 300 - 600 One Time
  • Clean Filter
  • Includes Multiple Visits
  • All Chemicals are Included
  • External Vacuum When Needed
  • External Pump Used When Needed
  • 3-5 Day Clean

Drain Down Acid Wash

This is for stain removal and for neglected pools.
$ 950-1500 One Time
  • Drain Down Pool
  • Take Precautions For Ground Water
  • Acid Wash Surface
  • Start Up Visit Once Filled
  • Stain Removal
  • 15 Year Old and Newer Pools Only

Our Weekly Service Routine Includes The Following:

Tile Scrub

Maintaining your pool tile is important. First, scrubbing the tile will keep your pool’s appearance looking presentable. Second, the material that can build up on your tiles, such as mold, algae, and calcium. These unsightly and unwanted items can cause a health risk if not properly removed regularly. We’ll scrub the tile clean and make it look pristine.


Experts agree that vacuuming your pool once a week can help keep it free of debris. Even when the weather is agreeable, weekly vacuuming means the difference between a good-looking pool and an unsightly one. Vacuuming is also necessary after sudden changes in the weather, such as storms or high winds. This is when debris builds up the most.

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Brush Down

Like brushing your teeth every morning, brushing a pool once a week helps eliminate potential build-up and discoloration. When this is done weekly and vacuumed, your pool will be free of buildup and debris. And what a sight to see.

Net Surface

Pool service is an industry that believes in working from top to bottom. Vacuuming and brushing keep the area beneath the water in good shape, but cleaning the surface is just as important. Pollen, insects, and other unwelcome guests can settle on your pool’s surface, making it unsightly. Catching these items in a net once a week can make your pool’s surface shimmer underneath the Florida sun.

Empty Basket

Your pool’s filter keeps the water free of dirt and debris. These unsightly objects are collected in a basket, which should be emptied weekly. Not only is this a necessity for keeping unwanted objects out of your pool, but it will also ensure your filter continues to work properly. Neglecting the basket can make the filter clogged and even damage it. We’ll deal with it, so you don’t have to.

Testing Of Pool Chemical Levels

Many people assume that simply tossing in chlorine will keep their pool safe enough to swim in. However, there’s much more to maintaining the proper frequency of your water. We’ll test the chemistry of your pool water, ensuring it’s safe for you to enjoy.

Monthly Filter Service

Depending on how often you use your pool, having the filter serviced once a month is necessary. Algae and other aquatic organisms can multiply quickly, and your filter is there to corral them. If too much algae builds up, your filter can become clogged or even stop working altogether. Our monthly service will ensure the longevity of your pool.

We’ll Make Your Pool Stand Out

The staff at Stand Out Pools are Sarasota’s aquatic experts. We’d be happy to oblige if you have a pool and want the best service in the industry. For more information about our different services, we can be found online at standoutpools.com. For a free estimate, give us a call at 941-201-1170. Leave us your name, number, address, and what an ideal time to contact you is. We look forward to hearing from you!