Get Your Pool Heater Repaired for the Winter Holiday

Owning a pool provides sheer enjoyment–and swimming in relaxing, warm water makes it that much more pleasurable. Stand Out Pools lists some common problems of pool heaters below and their possible causes.

1. The Heater Does Not Work

Swimming pool heaters are the most complicated element of all the equipment regarding pool apparatus; therefore, it is wise to leave repairing pool heaters to experts in the field. Gas pool heaters that are fueled by Natural Gas or Liquid Propane are dangerous to attempt to fix yourself due to combustion and exhaust released by the heater.

2. The Heater Pilot Will Not Light

Low gas pressure, inadequate air supply, or improper venting could be the culprit. Ensure that the gas is turned on and make sure a propane tank has fuel. Check to see that the heater flooding is not from water run-off from the roof, sprinklers, or if clogged pilot tubing is due to insects or rust. A millivolt heater needs 600 mv thermocouple output.

3. The Heater Does Not Reach Proper Temperature

Causes of improper temperature may be that the thermostat is set too low, the heater is not large enough, outside air temperature is too cool, or there is an inadequate gas supply. Using a solar pool cover is an effective method in order to slow heat loss. Every pool heater contains a high-limit switch to prevent overheating. Your heater could actually be overheating or the upper limit switch may be malfunctioning.

4. The Heater Cycles “On” and “Off” Prior to Attaining Correct Temperature

This problem could include insufficient water flow from a dirty filter, a closed valve, external bypass, reversed water connections, or the pressure switch may require adjustment. Perhaps your thermostat is out of calibration or needs replacement.

5. Clicking or Sparking Without the Heater Igniting

If it’s trying to light, but either won’t light the pilot or light the burner tray, refer to your owner’s manual. Make certain that the heater gas valve is turned on and examine the gauge on a propane tank.

Tips for Pool Heater Maintenance

Make your pool heater last as long as possible by keeping your heater clean and dry, free from foliage, and by leaving the area surrounding the heater uncovered. Prevent damaging rodent activity in the winter with deterrents such as mothballs or mint-scented sachets. Utilizing a winter pool heater cover is also a smart idea for protection against critters and unfavorable weather conditions.

Pool heaters usually have a lifespan of around 15 years. To ensure the job is done correctly and safely, have a competent technician install a replacement pool heater and see to it that a reputable gas company performs the gas connection.

Pool Heater Repairs Just in Time for the Winter Holiday

Highly-trained professionals at Stand Out Pools meticulously perform pool heater repairs. We have an outstanding reputation in the Sarasota vicinity as being a leader in the industry when it comes to pool repairs and maintenance.

We may be reached by calling (941) 201-1170. Looking for an estimate? No problem! Contact us online for a free pool repair estimate today.

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