Frequently Asked Questions

The labor, materials, and misc. related items are included in all of our proposals unless otherwise mentioned. With that being said, we have certain distributors that your selections would be made from. These distributors deal strictly with pool quality pebble finishes, tiles, coping, bricks, and travertine. We ask all of our customers to choose material from these distributors to ensure the materials being used are durable to sunlight and pool chemicals.
In many cases a pool waterline and cantilever tile may be in good shape. In this event you have the option to keep the tile. If you choose to keep existing tiles we cut under the existing tile inorder to create a separation between the tiles and the old surface of the pool. Once the separation is made we can chip the old surface without damaging existing tiles. It is always better if you have a few replacement tiles just in case we find damaged tiles once in the pool.
Pool resurfacing pricing varies widely depending on size of the pool and surface material choice. In the pool industry around Sarasota County the average pool size is between 750 and 850 sq/ft (10,000 to 12,000 gallons). For a pebble pool resurfacing (Level 1) the cost could range between $6,000 and $7,000.