Does Your Pool Need Resurfacing?

Owning a pool is an enjoyable luxury that undoubtedly requires maintenance. There may come a time when your pool may need to be resurfaced. Pool resurfacing greatly increases the value of your pool since the worn surface is replaced with a fresh, upgraded one. Stand Out Pools offers a few indicators below that signal your pool is likely in need of resurfacing and what it involves.

Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

Some of the signs that the surface of your pool warrants attention are leaks, cracks, chalky residue, a decrease in the water level, discolorations, and/or a scratchy texture. If you have realized that your pool should probably be resurfaced, a professional pool resurfacing company can expertly get the job done.

What is Pool Resurfacing?

Many people wonder what pool resurfacing entails. During resurfacing, the surface of the pool is treated with a finish similar to cement. You have a wonderful variety of choices including quartz, pebble, tile, and plaster. Each material contains its own distinct characteristics such as the specific shade, grain, and longevity. You need to go with the substance that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

The first step of the pool resurfacing process is to drain your pool. Next, your pool will be prepped for the procedure and the stonework will then be installed. Afterward, the pool will be sealed and then the veneer will be applied.

After any debris from the resurfacing procedure has been discarded, you can then fill the pool with clean water and treat the water as required. It is important to keep an eye on your pool to be certain no problems start to manifest.

Let Stand Out Pools Resurface Your Pool

Stand Out Pools is a trusted company that services the Sarasota County area. Our experienced technicians perform an impressive spectrum of quality work at competitive prices.

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