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Why should you hire a CPO?

Certified Pool OperatorIn the State of Florida it is required of any pool technician to be a Certified Pool Operator when maintaining commercial pools. The education given to Certified Pool Operators encompasses everything related to keeping a pool healthy and functioning properly. 

Although a CPO designation is not required for private pools, it is a good thing to look for in the company you hire. With the CPO designation comes knowledge and proper training. You can be assured that your pool chemistry is being maintained by a professional who understand how to keep you pool balanced. 

It is important to understand the dangers that can come from a swimming pool that is not maintained properly. Having a CPO gives you the peace of mind that your pool water is safe for your family.  

If you are interested in becoming a CPO visit the FAQ National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Derek Reardon is a Certified Pool Operator as well as a Certified Pool Contractor. Trust your pool cleaning needs to a true professional in Sarasota, Fl.


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