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Why should you hire a CPC?

Florida Certified Pool Contractor Sarasota

Pool cleaning companies are seemingly countless. The basic skill of cleaning a swimming pool, while hard work, is a simple task to learn. "Cleaning" a swimming pool involves netting, brushing, tile scrubbing, vacuuming, and filter cleaning. These tasks can be performed by anyone.

Water chemistry and equipment knowledge should be left to professionals. It is important that the water chemistry in your pool is right to ensure you, your pool equipment, and your pool surface are safe. Proper water chemistry and equipment knowledge is part of obtaining a Certified Pool Operator designation in Sarasota, Fl. Accomplishing this designation DOES NOT give you the ability to perform repairs on equipment. 

It is against the law to hire any unlicensed contractor to repair your pool equipment. When allowing unlicensed activity to take place on your property you put your family and your home at risk. There are many "Pool Service Professionals" that are illegally repairing pool equipment on a weekly basis in Sarasota, Fl. 

Stand Out Pools is a licensed Florida Certified Pool Contractor (CPC #1459177). We have gone through the necessary education, testing, applications, and approvals in order to LEGALLY perform any electrical or piping repairs on your pool equipment. 

When looking to hire a pool service company MAKE SURE they are a Certified Pool Contractor. Below is a list of repairs that are illegal for your unlicensed pool cleaner to perform. 

Unlicensed Repairs:

Protect yourself by hiring Stand Out Pools to take care of ALL your pool care needs. Our services include weekly pool cleaning, repairs, and renovations. 

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