7 Signs That It Is Time to Renovate Your Pool

Ask any homeowner with a pool, and they are bound to tell you that the benefits and joy their pools bring to their homes far outweigh the maintenance or renovation costs needed down the line. 

Unfortunately, no pool is infallible. Whether you are updating the exterior of your property to increase your return on investment (ROI) or simply wish to give your outdated pool a new lease on life, then this blog on the seven signs that it’s time to renovate your pool will be helpful. 

Our team at Stand Out Pools has explained the signs to look for that point towards a renovation on the horizon.

What Are The 7 Signs That It’s Time To Renovate Your Pool?

When renovating your pool, there are some crucial signs to look out for, and these can include the following:

Your Pool Is Leaking

Pools naturally lose water over time due to evaporation, backwash wastewater, and splashes. However, if your pool’s water levels begin to drop more than usual despite the abovementioned reasons, it may indicate a leak. 

Pool leaks can be difficult to detect, but as a general rule, if you lose more than two inches of pool water a week, you may have a leak, and it’s time for a renovation.

The Pools Features, And Surfaces Are Worn And Faded

Your pool features and surfaces, such as decking, lighting, and pool tiles, are constantly exposed to harsh outdoor weather, making them prone to wear and tear. Unfortunately, the weather and the sun’s UV rays can often impact the appearance of your pool’s features and surfaces. 

This means that your pool’s vibrant colors can fade, your decking may warp, crack, or chip, and your pool lights may no longer effectively or at all illuminate the space. If this is the case, it might be time to evaluate renovation options.

Your Pool Requires Constant Repairs

If your pool is frequently out of order or needs constant repairs more than your usual maintenance, it may be reaching the point where renovating it is more cost-effective than implementing minor fixes or repairs. 

A pool renovation may seem like an expensive project, but in the long run, the amount of minor fixes and repairs you will have to do will add up to the same as a renovation anyway. So, why not opt for a renovation from the start? You will likely save more time and money. 

Cracks Or Other Signs Of Pool Damage

Your pool is prone to general wear and tear from use over time. Cracks or other signs of pool damage typically mean your pool has a weaker structure and can often be unsightly. Any minor cracks can become significant, leading to leaks and other problems. Therefore, it’s worth investing in a pool renovation if you notice these cracks forming or spreading. 

Your Pool No Longer Looks Modern

Most pool renovations can simply be a matter of cosmetics. If your pool was built many years ago or was already in the ground when you moved in, it may not look modern but outdated. If this is the case, and you are saying to yourself, “What an ugly pool,” even though it functions fine, it’s time to get a renovation. 

Your Pool No Longer Serves You, And Your Families Needs

There are cases when you may outgrow your current pool since your family has grown, or perhaps your pool was simply too small, to begin with. In any case, the best way to approach such an issue is with a pool renovation. You can modernize your pool and make it bigger to suit your family’s needs better. 

Your Pool Equipment Is Outdated

If you want your pool to remain in peak condition for as long as possible, you must refurbish your pool equipment. This includes replacing the plumbing, tank, and filter. Fortunately, if you have an older pool, which is typically much less energy-efficient, a renovation can help you add new energy-saving and eco-friendly pool equipment. 

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If you notice any of these signs, do not let your wallet, eyes, safety, and health suffer due to having an old, damaged, or outdated pool. Instead, consider speaking to the experts at Stand Out Pools for your next pool renovation.

As pool renovation experts, we can help you ensure you receive the best pool renovation experience. Contact us here today!

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